quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013

Dr. Bernd Seeberger

UMIT - University for Health Sciences, Medical computer science and technology center Wallnoefer Edward I, (Austria) 

2010 Member of the Advisory Board of ÖPIA (Austrian Platform for Interdisciplinary Research on Ageing), Vienna. Scientific management of the Interdisciplinary Gerontology Research Group `Shaft '(two research sites in Germany). Coordinator of the Gerontology International Colloquium `'(IGC). 
03/2009 senior lecturer at the University UMIT, Hall in Tyrol / Austria, Chairman of the 'Institute of Gerontology and demographic development' at the Department of Nursing Science and Gerontology. 
2008 in Review Activities: Health Professional Science Journal online, Berlin / Munich. Care network Sciences, Vienna. GeroFam, online journal, Antalya / Turkey. Editorship (Scientific part): Home life world, journal of the Federation of nursing homes in Austria, Vienna. Experts in the 7th The EU Framework Programme CORDIS "Man & Age-.

• 01/09 -12/10 co-editor of the 'Journal of Gerontology and ethics'. 
• 2003 - 2010 Founded and co-leader of the An-Institute of Gerontology and 'ethics' at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg. 
• 10 / 05-07 / 10 Visiting Professor at the Faculty for Interdisciplinary Studies (IFF) in Vienna, Department of Palliative Care 
• 17.05.2011 Organization Ethics in the Alps-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt: Ph.D. Program and support of doctoral theses. 
• 10/08 - 08/09 reviewers (evaluator) in the 7th EU Research Framework Programme: Specific program: `health 'and` people'. 
• 10/08 - 10/09 expert at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin, funding line `Social Innovations for quality of life in old age '(SILQUA-FH) in the context of demography initiative. 
• 03 / 07-03 / 09 Co-opted (03/07-02/08) and ao Professor (03/08-03/09) at UMIT-University Hall in Tyrol, Department of Nursing Science: Graduate Program with a focus on gerontology. 
• 03/98 - 03/09 C2-Professor (part-time from 03/08-02/09) at the Department of Gerontology Nursing Management of the Evang. University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg. 
• 06/06 - 10/07 member of the founding college of DiaLog International University (IDU) of diakonia Neuendettelsau. 
• 05 / 04-02 / 07 Lecturer at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Gerontology at the University of Vechta: Conducting courses. 
• 02/2004 Habilitation with Prof. Dr. J. Howe at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Gerontology at the University of Vechta, "On the effectiveness of quality management systems in aged care facilities-. Habilitation of Gerontology. 
• 1999 - 2006 in Review Activities appeal to several (technical) universities. 
• 10/96 - 02/98 C2 Foundation Professor at the Catholic University of Munich. Structure of the Program: Nursing and Health. 
• 12/1995 PhD thesis with Prof. Dr. R. Schmitz-Scherzer, University of Kassel: "Migration and age. Homesick - Guest Work Experience No Return” 
• 1989 - 1992 Studies of Social Gerontology at the University of Kassel completion... Diploma Sozialgerontologe Thesis:" Age and migration - a study of Hungarian 
• 1980 - 1984 study of social education at the Fachhochschule Würzburg-immigrant. . Schweinfurt Diploma in Social Pedagogy.

• 11/2010 International Gerontology Colloquium 2010 in Antalya / Turkey. 
• 10/2010 Research focus on the country `aging '. Branch of the Institute on the campus Maria Churches / Lower Bavaria with a scientific staff (donated).
• 06/2010 Research focus 'elderly'. Branch of the Institute for SeniVita holding in Bayreuth with a scientific staff (donated). 
• 05/2010 Development of certificate courses on the subjects: Applied Gerontology / Geronto Management / Geragogik. 
• 04/2010 submission of a European research project on `100 - year-research 'in Germany, Austria and Italy. 
• 04/2010 Participation at the 4th International Social and Applied Gerontology Symposium, 28 -30.04.2010. Akdeniz University of Antalya / Turkey. 
• 03/2010 creating the curriculum for the program in `master of gerontology '. 
• 11/2009 performing a symposium 'Life and Living in Old Age'. 
• 06/2009 opening of the Institute 
• 04/2008 employees, development and organization of the doctoral degree program nursing science with a focus on gerontology, with the collaboration of several internal and co-opted professors.